About University of Wroclaw

We are one of the oldest universities in the Central Europe, educating over 26,000 students and around 1300 doctoral students. We are located in Wroclaw – the meeting place, a city teeming with life, cultural and international events. The University of Wroclaw is a public university that has been at the forefront of Polish universities for many years. In 2020 the University of Wroclaw has been qualified for the programme: Initiative of Excellence – Research University.  

We offer studies in English on Bachelor, Master and PhD level, in the humanities, social sciences, law, business, biotechnology, physics and chemistry.

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Bachelor degree

We offer Bachelor degree studies in: Biotechnology, Business and Administration (Specialisations: Business, Finance, Governance, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, European Cultures, International Relations - Global Studies and Political Science (4 specializations). Check our website for more -


Master degree

We offer Master degree studies in: Administration in International Organizations, Applied Geoscience, Chemistry, Communication Management - Image Communication (advertising, public relations, branding), Data Science, European Studies, Global Communication, International Relations - Global Studies, Journalism and Social Communication, LLM International & European Law, Managerial Economics, Medical Biotechnology, Political Science, Public History, Sociology - Intercultural Mediation, Theoretical Physics and Tourism and Hospitality. Check our website for more -


PhD studies

We offer studies in Doctoral School or Political and Administrative Science, Philorophy and Sociology. Check our website for more -


Preparatory courses

Please know that the University of Wroclaw units offer intensive language courses, but graduating from those does not guarantee admission for studies in English or Polish. If you want to learn more about the courses, please check for a Polish and for an English language course.

What our International Alumni think?

What our International Alumni think?

The University of Wroclaw is a great place to study and meet people from diverse backgrounds. I completed the Masters of International Relations program and it was a great challenge, both academically and personally. The classes were conducted on a high level by professors that challenged us and studying with people from other backgrounds challenged my previously held opinions on topics as well as opening my mind to new perspectives. The lessons I learned in the program have benefited me greatly in my professional career. Currently, I am working as a partnership manager in a local IT company, and I put the skills I mastered from the program to use on a daily basis. Previously, when I was working as a international project manager I had to coordinate a project across several different countries while being aware of the local laws and cultural norms in each country. Without the knowledge that I gained in the master’s program, it would have been even more challenging to pull off a successful project. Studying at the University of Wroclaw was an amazing experience, not only did I get to make life-long friends with people from all over the world and discuss ideas with our professors directly thanks to small class sizes, but most importantly, I received a top-notch education in the process.

- Raymond Wojtala (International Relations - Global Studies, 2013-15)

"Forever young" is a motto that I've always believed in and, continuing my studies here in Poland, was something that made me feel young again by considering that I started at age 27 and finished when I turned 29. As I am particularly interested in communication and public speaking, this master's degree fitted nicely to my interests (plus I appleciate the fact of upgrading my English and Polish skills). Soon after defending my thesis - I joined Erasmus + Program in France where I met wonderful citizens of the world and disconnected from my responsibilities for a few months (while learning practical skills). Last but not least, I've joined a few campaigns to promote UWr by using my image which is also cool!

- Luis Eduardo Plazas Barrios (Communication Management, 2017-19)

Teaching staff at the university are incredibly helpful andeager to facilitate the academic environment, where students can fuly accommodate and prepare themselves for constantly changing modern world. Campus life offers variety of extracurricular activities and atmosphere of the university encourages, inspires and motivates you to excel in everything you do.

- Diana Madibeova (LLM, 2016-18)