About University of Seville

Founded in 1505, the University of Seville (US) is the second biggest university in Spain by way of the number of students (over 70,000) and the biggest in Andalusia. The US is a public university that promotes equal opportunities to incoming students, solely based on merits, critical thinking and the search and transference of knowledge to society. 

The University of Seville stands out for having one of the widest academic offers in the country ( in all the areas of knowledge, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences and Life Sciences and Medicine. Teaching is conducted in 5 main campuses, spread throughout the city, with 26 centres (19 Faculties, 5 Higher Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture and the lnternational Graduate School). In addition to the various Departments of all the Faculties and Technical Schools, the US has: 

6 University Research lnstitutes:

-  Latín-American Studies lnstitute

-  Manuel Clavero Arévalo University Research lnstitute, formerly known as the García Oviedo lnstitute

-  University Research lnstitute of Construction Sciences

-  University Research lnstitute of Mathematical Research (IMUS)

-  University Research lnstitute of IT Engineering 


6 Joint Centres of Research with the Spanish Higher Scientific Research Council: 

- National Accelerator Centre

- Isla de Cartuja Scientific Research Centre (which includes the lnstitute for Vegetable Biochemistry and Photosynthesis, Materials Science          lnstitute of Seville and the lnstitute for Chemical Research)

-  lnstitute of Biomedicine of Seville (IBIS)

- Andalusian Centre for Research in Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine (CABIMER)

-  lnstitute for Microelectronics of Seville

- Pavilion of Monaco Aquatic Ecology Station 


In the framework of the Higher European Education Area and the ECTS ("European Credit Transfer System”), the US offers 3 levels of Higher Education: Undergraduate Degree (in general 4 years: 4 x 60 ECT S/academic year = 240 ECTS), Master's Degree (1-2 years: 1-2 x 60 ECTS/academic year = 60-120 ECTS) and Doctorate (3-4 years). Undergraduate and Master's Degrees belong to Faculties and Higher Technical Schools of Engineering and Architecture, while Doctorates and some lnternational and Multidisciplinary Master's Degrees belong to the lnternational Graduate School. 

Firmly committed to internationalisation, each year Universidad de Sevilla welcomes a total of over 5,000 foreign students, including both full-time and exchange students as well as sending over 2,000 of its own students abroad on study stays. 

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