About University of Lucerne

The University of Lucerne is the youngest university in Switzerland. Its roots stretch back as far as 1600, but it has only existed as a modern university since the year 2000. The number of students has grown in ten years from about 250 in the founding year to the current level of around 3'155. We have four faculties: Theology, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, and Economics and Management and a Department of Health Science and Medicine.

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Master in Economics and Management

The general Master's programme offers a wide range of courses in economics and management. Like the BA in Economics and Management at the University of Lucerne, this study programme also incorporates economics, business studies and quantitative methodologies. The general Master’s can be completed entirely in English. During their studies, students consistently develop their knowledge and skills across all fields of economics and management. The Master’s programme is therefore suitable for people who plan to move into professional fields that call for general economic knowledge as well as the ability to undertake analytical and conceptual work incorporating multiple disciplines. A key feature of the study programme is the systematic targeted analysis of data, along with examining how data is handled and how it can be used to gain strategic and operational knowledge.


Master in Health Sciences

The Master of Science in Health Sciences at the University of Lucerne offers students from a wide range of disciplines the necessary knowledge and skills towards a comprehensive understanding of health, functioning and disability. The program provides a broad background in health sciences from a biopsychosocial perspective and has a focus on the interaction of individuals and their environment within the context of health. Students will also have the opportunity to choose a major in a specific area to get more in-depth knowledge depending on their professional interest and career direction.


Lucerne Master in Computational Social Sciences (LUMACSS)

The Lucerne Master in Computational Social Sciences (LUMACSS) is an interdisciplinary programme launched in 2019 that equips graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the main social challenges of the digital age. LUMACSS has been specially designed for two kinds of students: social science graduates seeking to strengthen their data analytics and digital computation skills; and computational sciences graduates eager to learn how to best apply their computation skills to social sciences data and research questions. LUMACSS provides a unique opportunity to combine the social sciences and the computational sciences. The programme offers in-depth teaching and research on digitization and its manifold effects on modern polities, societies and economies.