About Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The UPM is one of Europe's  top universities, renowned for its academic and research quality, innovation and close ties with society. The UPM offers 52 accredited bachelor degree programs and its degree programs are highly rated by industry. According to the 2022 edition of the QS World University Ranking by subject of interest the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is #58 best university in the world in the field of engineering and technology. UPM is also one of the best world universities for employability, ranking as the top Spanish technical university. One strategic policy fine at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is to boost R&D&I and knowledge transfer to society. As a result of these two commitments, the UPM ranks among the most active Spanish universities with respect to research activity and is first in terms of competitively secured funds. R&D&I cooperation with industry is one of  the UPM's strengths. lt is  the Spanish university y that collaborates  most with  industry in terms of both the number of projects and funding awards and agreements. lt is home to one of the most active entrepreneurship environments with over 200 start-ups over the last 1O years as part of its entrepreneurship program. The UPM attaches huge importance to international education as a means of learning about different cultures, relating to other societies and, ultimately, rounding out student training and improving their integration into a multicultural environment. The UPM has two permanent international representations: UPM Representation to North America (based at Harvard University) and UPM Representation to Asia (based at Tongji University). The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid places the sustainable development goals (SDGs) at the heart of its key fields of action. Within research, it aligns projects with and trains researchers in SDGs through the promotion of multi-stakeholder alliances. Within teaching, it includes SDGs in educational programs having set up the MSc in Development Strategies and Technologies and launched specialized training courses on sustainable cities. Within technology transfer, it promotes SDGs through the Centre of Technology innovation for Development (itd UPM)or development and sustainability y university -industry partnership.

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