About Tallinn University of Technology

Founded in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the only university of technology and the most international university in Estonia with around 1700 international degree students coming from over 100 different countries. Ranked in top 2,5% of the best universities in the world, TalTech offers an opportunity to study in a modern digital campus where many of the most recent technologies are tested on a daily basis, such as self-driving cars, smart elevators, autonomous robotic boats, space satellites, mobile robots and many more. In addition, TalTech has the largest and most international faculty of business and economics in Estonia. The university brings together researchers, students and entrepreneurs offering young people inspiration, knowledge, and resources to create and develop student start-ups and other innovative business ideas. The university also holds a leading position in Estonia in terms of scientific publications in the field of business, economics and public administration. TalTech’s study programmes and learning environment are constantly developing. Experienced professionals from both private and public sectors are involved and consulted to create curricula that would meet the latest needs of the labour market.

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TalTech offers 4 bachelor’s programmes taught entirely in English: Business Administration, Law, Cyber Security and Integrated Engineering. After graduating, students have a comprehensive knowledge that allows them to apply for master’s studies or enter a job market.



TalTech offers 16 master’s programmes in IT, Engineering, Business, Law and Natural Sciences fields. The classes are conducted in modern labs and study rooms, where students get extensive theoretical and practical education.



There are 9 PhD programmes at TalTech taught in English language. No tuition fee is applied to the full time PhD students. In addition, they receive a doctoral allowance every month during the nominal study period.




A great advantage of TalTech is an opportunity to diversify one’s curriculum, learn about new fields and understand how Physics can also be applied in commercial companies or while developing start-up ideas. Besides, TalTech offers Master’s students an opportunity to participate in scientific projects along with PhD students and professors. In my case, it was a satellite development project in the Mektory.  

Hiromasa Saito (Japan) - Applied Physics (MSc) 


I chose TalTech because of its international approach to legal education, coupled with an international student body. Looking back, as a current Stanford Law School graduate student, having worked in international law firms, and in-house legal departments of leading technology companies, I can say that many of those opportunities would not have been there if not for my studies at TalTech.  

Markku Räsänen (Finland) - Law (BA) 

Studying at TalTech gives students the opportunity to learn about the Estonian e-governance infrastructure from a legal, technological, social, and organizational perspective. Students are able to see first-hand how Estonians use e-solutions every day. The practical experience is vital for understanding the implementation of sustainable e-governance. 

Crystal (USA) - E-Governance Technologies and Services (MSc) 


I would definitely recommend TalTech Health Care Technology for future students. The university provides a wide range of courses in English, which helps more international students study with no need to learn the local language. Moreover, the quality of education and teaching staff is excellent and matches the European standards.  

Hany Mina (Egypt) - Health Care Technology (MSc) 

Studying at TalTech has given me a chance to express all my potential and this is very important. Here you can look at new subjects from different angles and learn something new for your future career every day. The professors are always helpful and ready to help and guide you through your studies.  

Caetano Penna (Brazil) – Technology Governance and Digital Transformation (MA)