About Saxion University of Applied Sciences

At Saxion we welcome students from all over the world – maybe you as well? Saxion offers English-taught bachelor’s and master’s programmes in an international environment in the Netherlands. Learn how innovations affect your discipline and how you can prepare for your future profession in society – both locally and globally. Why choose Saxion? You can influence your own study plan at Saxion by co-creating the best educational content for you. We prepare you for a smart world by learning you how you can apply technology and circularity in the development of your future profession. We do this by offering you interdisciplinary collaborations together with companies, institutions and government bodies that learn you how to combine knowledge and tackle complex issues in real projects. At Saxion, we offer practical-oriented teaching and conduct research in many different labs. Saxion has a familiar atmosphere, whereby you actually have a personal connection with the teachers. All Saxion locations are based in the city centres of either Deventer, Enschede or Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. All vibrant cities with good public transportation and affordable housing.

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“I find it very fascinating how my study programme is able to provide different courses in a very logical manner. The transaction between courses feels very smooth, and I am able to see the correlations between the classes.”

Arina Strakhova (Russia) - Student International Finance and Accounting  

“I like the practical approach and the endless opportunities to explore the world of tourism. The program is very broad and touches multiple sectors.  It opens a door to a lot of sectors. I’ve made a correct choice by choosing Saxion. I always wanted to do a practical study and it has been a great road I am walking on. The base offered by Saxion is incredible!”

Kaloian Arnaudov (Bulgaria) - Student Tourism 


“I really enjoy studying at Saxion. I also enjoy it as I learn to work independently and find my own way to finish a certain task. I really like that it is quite practical and that it is quite easy to see why you are learning certain things as I often can directly see how I can use the knowledge and skills in my future.”

Lena Assenbaum (Germany) - Student International Human Resource Management  

“The practical value that Saxion offered me was great, it helped me to develop a lot of new skills. I really liked the informal communication between the student and the teachers. The teachers are very approachable and are open for questions to new ideas.”

Taia Tveritina (Ukrain) – Student International Business