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Every one of us can make a difference – our role as a university of applied sciences is to enable our students to do just that. Besides skills and knowledge, we provide chances to put those and any innovative ideas to the test in real life. As we’re closely connected to working life in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, our students are surrounded by a wide variety of innovation projects as well as traineeship and employment opportunities. We encourage multidisciplinary thinking and continuous learning – which is why we support unique study paths. We want to take responsibility for our student's well-being by providing optimal conditions for studying as well as student services. We’ll always find a way to solve occasional study-related problems together! 

Metropolia is the largest University of Applied Sciences in Finland, with the largest offering in the fields of Health Care & Social Services, and Technology. We are a community of almost 17 000 students and 1000 staff members, with 1400 foreign degree students from over 100 nationalities. We offer 15 degree programs conducted in English, 7 at Bachelor's level and 12 at Master’s level in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. 

We are located in the capital area with excellent career prospects and working opportunities both during studies and after graduation. The dynamic and modern capital area offers a huge variety of recreational activities, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, green nature and parks, as well as excellent public transportation connections. All our modern four campuses are within easy reach by public transport.

Some of the best learning occurs through our innovation projects, placements, and our blended education. A number of large-scale companies are using our knowledge and expertise. As our student, you get to be part of our top-notch research, development, and innovation (RDI) projects and work closely with our industry partners. You get to study in outstanding, modern learning environments by using the latest technologies, such as augmented reality. Our students also learn to perform responsibility, work with community spirit, solve challenges and thrive in international networks.

Metropolia supports the integration of non-EU/EEA students into Finnish society by granting a scholarship of 3000€ based on the Finnish language level test (National Certificates of Language Proficiency, YKI) completed during the academic year. We offer S2 Finnish language classes for students during their degree studies. Learning the Finnish language will give you a competitive edge on the Finnish job market, i.e., in regard to employment possibilities in Finland, increased earning potential, and career advancement.

Metropolia has obtained an official quality label issued by FINEEC (The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre) and was currently ranked by U-Multirank 2020 amongst the TOP 25 performing universities globally under the category “Co-publications with industrial partners.” 


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“If you relate to a place where you are around a mixture of people and cultures, Metropolia Business School will feel like home to you. You learn from a New Yorker about marketing, a Californian about finance, communications from a British lady – it is a global learning experience. This course builds your teamwork and group thinking skills – it makes you a collaborator.”
Scott, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Logistics
“At Metropolia, we had the opportunity to real practical studies, which facilitate you to memorize, learn and understand all the theory. You get to experience in practice what the patient actually feels and this makes it much more effective way of studying. Good facilities and databases for studies, and both teachers and other students were helpful and easy to talk to.” 
Samitha, Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy (On-demand Education)
“Metropolia has an excellent international ambience. The programme is advanced and touches on relevant areas like digital marketing, integrative project management, and business analytics, giving a strong foundation to deal with practical business challenges. My biggest take-away was our study trip to Stuttgart that gave me a real feel of the transformation in Industry 4.0 and brought me close friendships with my peers.” 
Sudhindra, Master’s Degree in Business Informatics
“I did my Master’s thesis on Mobile Advertising which provided me an avenue to strengthen my understanding on mobile market and the potential for advertising. Metropolia gave me a truly international, multicultural environment. I loved the flexible learning and student life experience. Most importantly, it suits the working professionals as the courses are in the evening. Teachers are highly supportive and provide a good guidance.”
Lavanya, Master’s Degree in Information Technology