About Lazarski University

Lazarski University is a private university with 30 years of work experience on the international market, one of the first universities in Poland to start accepting foreign students. Our University is an undisputed leader in the private universities ranking of Poland. Lazarski University has about 5,000 students in nglish and Polish languages. More than 80% of our students on English-language programs come from outside of Poland, namely from 55 countries, which gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with the cultures and traditions of the whole world. The diploma of our University is recognized all over the world and gives graduates numerous opportunities for a well-paid job. Also, our University is a leader of innovations since last year we have launched a new unique program for those who desire to fulfill their childhood dream - Aviation Law and Professional Pilot License. While studying at Lazarski University, students also have an opportunity to choose one of our Double Degree programs in English in cooperation with Coventry University in the UK and to get two diplomas upon completion of their studies - of Lazarski University and of Coventry University. Lazarski University is a great choice for ambitious people who want to build a successful future!

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I vividly recall my first day of classes at Lazarski University, I was struck by the university’s cultural diversity and inclusiveness. Students from all over the world spoke various languages on campus, bringing different cultural aspects into the learning environment. My study’s aim, as I had expected, was to not only acquire academic knowledge and technical skills, but also to meet new people and learn about different cultures. These qualities are particularly useful and essential for International Relations students.

-Louis Yu, graduate of MA in International Relations (double degree)

Lazarski University was an important choice for me as a foreigner coming to Poland because I knew that 3 years of my life I will spend there during my BA program. I never regretted my choice. Moreover, I have chosen Lazarski University for my Master degree as well. What is really amazing about this place are the lecturers I have met there. Not only they are great people who are always there to support you but also people with enormous experience in their fields. During their lectures, they offer you theoretical and practical knowledge which is valuable for any student. Another wonderful point about Lazarski University is that you have a chance to meet people all over the world because student life is not only about studies but also about connections you make. Here you have this opportunity, especially during international events organized on campus (businessmen, Ambassadors and governmental representatives, including the President of Poland, have been welcomed at Lazarski University during my years of studies). Having in mind my experience, I would strongly recommend Lazarski University for people who consider getting higher education in Poland!

-Kateryna Tsurkan, graduate of BA and MA programs in International Relations