About Jamk University of Applied Sciences

We are an international higher education institution, located in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, with expertise in 8 different fields of study. We offer Bachelor's and Master's degree studies as well as Teacher Education and open studies. There is a clear demand for our graduates: they have the know-how, the right kind of attitude, and pride for their professional skills. We have more than 8,000 students from over 70 countries here at Jamk. We offer studies both on campus and online.Quality, excellence of operations, and results are important to us. Jamk has received both national and international recognition for its high quality - such as the FINEEC Excellence -label and EFMD, EUR-ACE and IUHPE accreditations. We take pride in our spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation; consequently, we provide a good foundation for those who want to be entrepreneurs. Every year, about 20 new companies are founded by our alumni. Your future starts here!

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Get a practically oriented Bachelor's degree and start your own international career in Jyväskylä, Finland. The degrees consist of 210–240 credits. Their standard completion time varies from 3.5 to 4 years.



Deepen your professional competence and the expertise you will need in working life. Master's degrees can be completed in about 1.5–3 years.


Teacher Education

Jamk's School of Professional Teacher Education provides teacher education programmes, continuing education courses and services as well as research, development and innovation activities.


Open Studies

Open Studies are available to everyone, irrespective of age and educational background.


What our alumni say about us

What our alumni say about us

“I graduated with a BBA in International Business. It was one of the best times of my life. It made the decision to move to Finland to study, even though I had built a career back home, worth it. I loved that I could flexibly combine my part-time job and studies. Now I work as an Education Coordinator at Jamk.” 

-Olga Afanaseva, International Business, graduated in 2018

“After being accepted by Jamk to study the bachelor’s degree in International Logistics, I decided to go to Jyväskylä in August 2017. During that university period, I met friends for life, great teachers, increased my network and experienced an amazing academic time. Right after graduating, I was hired by Valtra as a material planner in July.” 

-Mikhail Oliveira, International Logistics, graduated in 2020   

“I graduated with a B.Eng in International Logistics. Jamk has offered me the opportunity to build an international career by performing two internships both in Mexico and in Finland. Additionally, the amazing experience of performing an Erasmus semester in Croatia. The programme was multidisciplinary and flexible, which fit perfectly my working and studying life. By far it was the best decision.”  

-Porfirio Romo, International Logistics, graduated in 2020  

"I graduated with a B.Eng in International Logistics from Jamk. The support provided by the institution increased my skills and confidence to execute logistics tasks. I am grateful for my time here since the community was very flexible with my development and provided me with much more than the right information and resources to support my growth. I now work on development projects in logistics.”  

-Kairan Fernandes, International Logistics, graduated in 2021 

“I graduated with a BBA in Nursing. It was a great experience to study at Jamk and I got the chance to meet amazing people. Surrounding with teachers always here to help with school duty and life in Finland. Now I am working as a nurse in acute geriatric ward in Helsinki 2020.” 

- Kinnari Jamie-Lee, Nursing, graduated in 2019  

"I graduated with a Bachelor of Healthcare in Nursing. It was an adventurous decision to make but it was worthy and memorable. It helped me to have no fear in trying something new and being in a multicultural atmosphere. Also, various types of group work were challenging. However, this helped me a lot to see the different perspectives of others." 

-Sohee Yoon, Nursing, graduated in 2020 

“Moving to Finland for my studies was one of the best decisions. A country known to have an exemplary education system. Studying for my Nursing degree happened within a well-founded learning environment that integrates well-being and work life balance. Peers from diverse cultures made it possible to experience the world without traveling it. Now I work as lecturer in the healthcare department at Jamk.“

-Kamau Suleiman, Nursing, graduated in 2013 

“What a journey it has been!! Moving to a foreign country, new language, totally different culture….. I was both nervous and excited, however today I can happily say it was the best decision I ever made. Studying my nursing degree in Finland not only provided me with the professional skills and knowledge it required but also gave me the opportunity to experience diverse cultures, learn new languages and build everlasting relationships. Jamk provided a holistic approach to learning with emphasis on strong understanding of  foundations while providing individual student oriented support. I currently work as a Nurse Advisor/Nurse Program Coordinator @IQVIA.“

-Wanjohi Nelius, Nursing, graduated in 2013.