About INSA Lyon

INSA Lyon is a leading engineering school with strong humanist values that have formed the basis of its business model for more than 60 years.Created in 1957 by philosopher Gaston Berger and Rector Jean Capelle, INSA Lyon is the oldest and largest of the six schools making up the INSA Group.INSA engineers lead careers built around with a logic of high adaptability, a pioneering approach to science and technology, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

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International Masters

The International Research Master is a national diploma awarded by INSA Lyon or one of the co-accredited institutions. INSA Lyon has decided to develop an offer of International Masters that meets the most demanding standards in terms of student profiles and educational path. This strategy is part of a desire to attract mainly foreign students of very high level with a view to pursuing a thesis in our laboratories.


Lectures in English

You will find on this page all the lectures taught in English at INSA Lyon, for any study level


An engineering school that puts an emphasis on Humanities

An engineering school that puts an emphasis on Humanities

The humanist commitment of INSA schools and their openness to different origins, cultures and social background are the hallmark of the two founders.

While teaching sciences obviously constitutes the core of the five-year engineering programmes, the 'Humanities' have also played a central role since the creation of INSA Lyon in training engineers who are open to the world engineers.

In addition to the languages, philosophy and culture, our engineering students benefit from specific training in management and issues inherent to the corporate world.

These teachings include foundations of ethical reflection, implementing innovative and active pedagogies that aim to provide the students with opportunities to learn about citizenship, gain autonomy, and develop a sense of responsibility, while encouraging creativity and innovation.