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Collegium Da Vinci (CDV University of Applied Sciences) in Poznań is one of the oldest private universities in Wielkopolska, successfully operating on the Polish educational market for over 25 years. 

Our courses of study are interesting and innovative created in cooperation with employers, they are based on both global economy trends and changes on the dynamic local job market. Our graduates find jobs aligned with their interests and studies.

The Da Vinci educational model, in addition to focusing on the development of the competencies of the future, as Western universities do, ensures far-reaching individualization of the course of studies, so as to tailor it to fit the skills, talents, and expectations of the student, in consideration of his or her available time. With such an educational model one can flexibly shape a personalized course of studies with the assistance of experts comprising of tutors, mentors, graduates, and representatives of the business community.

At Collegium Da Vinci we strongly believe that every individual has a unique potential whose development is the shortest way to mastery, successes, and life fulfilment. We support our students in discovering and strengthening their natural aptitudes, and putting them to practice. Precisely because of that, following the renowned Cambridge and Oxford universities, we introduced at Collegium Da Vinci the method of individualized work with students, i.e. tutoring.

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Information Technology

At CDV, we focus on gaining practical skills, we teach only modern knowledge and the latest solutions. We cooperate with many significant companies from the IT industry, incl. Trecom, Whalla Labs or Netguru. We educate IT specialists with the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, i.e. people who create, develop, implement (apply) the technologies on which the modern world is based. We educate specialists necessary on the market, but also conscious users and recipients of information and information technologies.


Urban Management

Urban Management is the only one in Poland – innovative and multidisciplinary – course in English (required level B1 – intermediate), which was created in close cooperation with Breda University of Applied Sciences, one of the best international universities in the Netherlands. These course prepares professional managers of the future who are fluent in modern technologies and are able to effectively manage multidimensional projects in the field of urban planning, taking into account the interests of many parties and taking care of the natural environment.


International Student Coordinator

International Student Coordinator

At Collegium Da Vinci you will find support that is out of this world! Our doors are open all year round!

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