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CEU is the largest private educational group in Spain, amongst the largest in Europe, with 3 major universities in Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Guided by Christian Humanism, over the last 85 years CEU has had the opportunity to provide students with a comprehensive education based on freedom, tolerance and the firm belief that clear ideas and principles contribute to academic debate, enriching the university experience. CEU is a place not only for students who are looking for excellent career opportunities but also for those who see value in the journey to becoming the best version of themselves. -Universidad CEU San Pablo in Madrid is a long-standing institution of great prestige that has had an impact on Spanish society through its alumni, which includes some of the most prominent CEOs of multinational corporations, Diplomats, Medical Professionals, Architects, and Journalists. -Universidad Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona was designed to promote a personalized professor-student relationships. Classes are organized in small groups to ensure comprehensive attention through individualized programs specifically developed for personal and professional success. -Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, is one of the most international universities in Europe, where students from more than 80 countries fill the classrooms.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

Giulia Mattion,

Master’s Degree in Food & Beverage Sustainable Entrepreneurship, 2019 

This master’s degree gives you an unprecedented insight into the food and beverage sector, especially because it takes into account sustainability in all its aspects, which is essential in a world that is evolving so quickly.

Angela Indacochea, 

Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and New Technologies, 2019 

This master’s degree has given me the opportunity to meet specialists working in various areas of the digital sector. This has shown me the vast professional possibilities opening up in the immediate future.

Toni Rodríguez, 

Master’s Degree in Digital Communication and New Technologies, 2020 

As communication professionals, we need to transform and keep up with the pace of change of our surroundings. This master’s degree helps us to face the challenge with a global vision of what it means to communicate today.

Anna Malysheva, 

Master’s Degree in International Relations, 2013

I was amazed not only by the excellent quality of the courses, but also by the rich experience that studying in the multicultural group has given to me. The professors are experts in their fields, have a contagious passion for what they do, and are highly dedicated to their students.

Andrea Vásquez, 

Degree in Business Administration and Management, 2018 

Learning and having a new life experience makes you a citizen of the world. At CEU they stand by you and help you become a better professional.