About Centria University of Applied Sciences

Centria has its feet firmly on the ground of three Ostrobothnian regions - Kokkola, Pietarsaari, and Ylivieska campuses. We offer several great fields of study, skills, and achievements, of which students, personnel, and business life in the region can be proud of. As a higher education institution, Centria is not like everyone else, but a bold traveler of its own path. We believe in courage and the strong role of students in the university's affairs, also in decision-making. We already do things as others will do in the future: Without discrimination and with a good spirit. If Centria has not left a heart-shaped mark on your soul yet, just wait.

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We give you skills and competencies to work in a variety of expert, planning and development positions.



A Master’s degree allows you to deepen your professional competence after your experience in the working life.

Centria as the most international study place in Finland

Centria as the most international study place in Finland

It's not about "failure - passing" in Centria. The flexibility is just - wow. In terms of understanding students in the academical way, and their social life as well.

Vivian Ajayi, Nursing student

Studies are divided in two sections; theory and work placement. The work placement I enjoyed the most, because the theory you learn in the class - you can apply it in the work placement. Especially for me - when I do those things I learn better.

Livera Cardozo, Nursing student

In the end of the day, whatever you study - whatever you are, there's the company. How and why does it function? Why do things work that way? That's the main reason I chose to study.

Don Duma, ERP student

I really love the concept of BIT, a mix of IT with business. I will choose to have my own business or I'll go back to my home country to run the family business.

Deepsikha Strestha, BIT student