About Blanquerna- Ramón Llull University

The Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations is a center for higher education of Blanquerna, which forms part of Ramon Llull University. We are located in the center of Barcelona, one of the most modern, vital and exciting cities of Europe, in part due to its thriving social, cultural and artistic. The School is a mirror of this modern, intercultural and multi- ethnic Barcelona, open and tolerant, European and Mediterranean. We are a dynamic and enterprising young School (having opened our doors in the 1994-1995 academic year), which, in these past years, has educated and trained more than 5000 professionals.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

Cathrine Moe 

In a world that is evolving rapidly and becomes more connected than ever, it is important to have knowledge about social science, international business and international law, to mention some. Therefore, I decided to study Global Communication Management at Blanquerna, which prepares me to work in the global sphere. 

Helena Busquet 

I was drawn to the idea of an innovative degree that goes far beyond the traditional degrees offered so far. The possibility of studying subjects of great interest in English in order to gain a holistic knowledge of the world definitely caught my eye.