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Study in one of the best non-state universities in Poland. We design our programs in partnership with business experts and make sure they meet the labour market needs.

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“I’m happy that I got an opportunity to study in a world-class university. I think that WSB is a great one. I love the fact that I can study and interact with people of various ethnic origin and different nationalities. Studying in Poland is a challenge for me. Learning a new language and living in a total new environment is quite intriguing. I hope that I’ll get my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science in Poland. Then I’ll see what Poland has in store”.

Alex Amita, WSB University student (opinion from 2019)

“I like that I can study and work at the same time. The programs are quite practical with many workshops which prepare me for the real work environment. Our teachers are extremely helpful and classes are quite interactive –  we learn from each other and share our knowledge. I appreciate the fact that I can share my opinions without them being brushed off and it has also taught me to respect other people’s point of view”.

Sheilah Paul, WSB University student (opinion from 2019)

“I like studying at WSB University in Poznań. I have a lot of friends here and living in Poland isn’t so much expensive. I think Poznań is a very beautiful city and the Polish people are so interesting and nice. I’m going to open my own business in Poznań and I plan the details. Who knows, maybe I’ll stay in Poland forever”.

Aktilek Marasulov, WSB University student (opinion from 2019)

“I dream of becoming a programmer and that’s why I study Computer Science. Teachers at WSB University are collaborative and always pass on the latest knowledge from this field of study. In my opinion, the education at WSB is at the high level and I get a lot of practical information. What do I like about my studies? The atmosphere and the fact that I can meet multicultural students.  I think that Poland is a nice place to live, I like to explore it”.

Meshack Alfred George, WSB University student (opinion from 2019)