About Warsaw University of Technology

Located in the heart of Europe, Poland, Warsaw University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the best technical university in the country, specializing in technical and engineering education. Offering study programs both in English and Polish, WUT is becoming more and more internationalized and is welcoming students from all over the world to join variety of Bachelor and Master programs. Scientific and research work conducted at Warsaw University of Technology is an answer to the challenges of modern science and economy. WUT not only supports Polish innovators by changing their inventions into companies, but it also initiates cooperation with national and foreign entities. The university is a member of research consortia of outstanding scientists from various universities and scientific institutions and entrepreneurs who wish to implement new technologies. Warsaw Technological Space – WUT Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management is an original project subsidized from the European Funds aiming at commercialization of scientific projects and technology transfer. Together with six other European technical universities WUT forms the Enhance consortium - the European Universities of Technology Alliance. The project aims to strengthen the integration between the universities and enable an increased international exchange for students, teachers and researchers.

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“WUT offers studies in Polish and English language which allows you to start studies even without a good command of Polish. I completed my B.Sc. degree in English, and then started M.Sc. studies in Polish. Depending on your field of studies, you can start working in your profession after the first year of studies.” 

Anna, B.Sc. Civil Engineering, 2018

 “It has been an honour to study at WUT. I felt coursework was perfectly balanced during my three years of studies. The Faculty staff and professors were highly innovative, inspirational and helpful. My journey has been filled with joy because of the international student-friendly environment and the best library facilities.” 

Mihir, M.Sc. in Nuclear Power Engineering, 2020

“Studying at WUT was a dream for me. I have had incredible experiences. During laboratories, I had the opportunity to practice most of the theoretical knowledge I gained during lectures. Every day I learned new things from interacting with others. It is the best international environment I have been to.” 

Ahmet, B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, 2020

"It was 2015 when I came to Poland for the first time to study at WUT. I was alone in a new country. Fortunately, from the very first day, I was warmly welcomed by teachers and administration. During my education, I gain knowledge and experience that later helped me to find a job.”

Mikhail, B.Sc. in Computer Science, 2020

“After joining WUT, international exposure has been brought to me. WUT faculties are directed towards providing students great practical knowledge. WUT also Provides guidance regarding career development and helped me in searching for new opportunities such as internships and jobs in Poland as well as in international market.”  

Manish, M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, 2020