About Technische Universität Ilmenau

The history of the TU Ilmenau is characterized by its training of engineers, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Today, engineering, sciences, economics and media are the pillars of the university’s education and research. The university is also bound to its scientific tradition in its future development. This tradition, along with the strong interdisciplinary connection to the economic and social sciences as well as to the natural sciences, determines the profile of the university. Its firm aim is to be counted among the best academic, technologically oriented educational establishments. Modern forms of study and innovative courses are developed and supported by the university. The strong commitment of its staff and the sound education of the students, including professional supervision, receive high-level academic recognition. The TU Ilmenau is a state-founded higher education establishment with about 5,000 students including 35% of international students. Our university does not charge any tuition fee. The university upholds high standards, both in terms of academic content and the facilities offered to the students. At Ilmenau, the combination of a friendly, personal academic setting with pleasant social conditions has long been a trademark of this university.

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Please note: All our bachelor's programs are held in German language. Please see the course descriptions following the link.



The TU Ilmenau offers different master's programs. Some are held in German, others in English. Please note the course language in the course description. English courses are: M.Sc. Communications and Signal Processing, M.Sc. Research in Computer & Systems Engineering, M.Sc. Micro- and Nanotechnologies, M.Sc. Media Technology, M.A. Media and Communication Science, M.Sc. International Business Economics.



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"In the middle of nowhere in Germany, I found new home. I am happy I was not afraid of moving to a new country and starting my studies in Ilmenau. We all came from different academic and cultural backgrounds, however, university staff took time to make sure we all would reach the same level of knowledge. The communication studies I did were more focused on the research aspects, I enjoyed every bit of it. Ilmenau has a very close - knit community, many student associations, and I had the pleasure to be part of one. It not only gave me the opportunity to organize events, excursions, and stand on stage in front of 400 people but also gave me the best friends one could ask. TU Ilmenau and all the lovely people there will always hold a special place in my heart." - Kristina