About Leibniz University Hannover

Shaping the Future with Knowledge – as one of the nine leading Institutes of Technology in Germany, Leibniz University Hannover is aware of its responsibility in seeking sustainable, peaceful and responsible solutions to the key issues of tomorrow. Our expertise for this stems from the broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from engineering and natural sciences to architecture and environmental planning, from law and economics to social sciences and humanities. Founded in 1831, Today Leibniz University Hannover has nine faculties with more than 180 full-time and part-time degree courses. The University is united under the mutual goal of providing top quality in research and teaching. More than 30,000 students from 114 countries study at three different campuses in Hanover – the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Interdisciplinary pooling of outstanding individual achievements at Leibniz University Hannover characterises our approach to making excellent research internationally visible. The established key research areas: Biomedical Research and Engineering, Quantum Optics and Gravitational Physics, Optical Technologies, Production Engineering, Interdisciplinary Studies of Science.

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"Promotion" is the award of a doctorate in Germany. It is awarded in a specific academic field, in the form of a doctoral certificate. A doctorate demonstrates the ability to conduct advanced academic research. It is based on independent academic research, a doctoral thesis and an oral exam.  In principle, a doctorate is necessary in order to embark on an academic career.



At LUH, there are plenty of services provided for students, such as libraries, a sports complex and canteens.  I can say that studying at LUH has been my best experience as a student. The public transportation system in Hannover is ideal for exploring the metropolitan area. People are very friendly and open-minded over here. 

Niren, India, Master “Optical Technology“, Since 2018

Studying at LUH was definitely life-changing and unique for me. If I had the opportunity, I would repeat it, for sure. I highly recommend Leibniz University of Hanover, especially the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. I am sure that I will come back here, as I am going to apply for another master program at this university. 

Nikita, Russia, Erasmus exchange student “Mechanical Engineering”, 2018-2019

My favorite subjects are biochemistry and technical chemistry. During these years at LUH, I learned a lot and met many friends, from Germany and from other countries. Here, I learned to solve problems on my own and without panicking, and I also learned to work in a group. I am very grateful that my university helped me grow up. 

Yue, P. R. China, Bachelor “Life Science”, 2012 - 2016

During my time in Hanover I had some of the most wonderful moments that I have ever experienced, and I am going to remember them for a very long time. 

Florin-Petru , Romania, Summer Academy, 2019

Studying at Leibniz University was a fantastic experience for me. It helped me to continue my studies in a great environment and learn novel things. Meeting new peoples and get familiar with their culture was the most interesting experience for me. 

Ali, Iran, PhD Student, Theoretical Chemistry, 2019 - 2020