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We are a dynamic and cosmopolitan university that marks the gateway to Kielce — Świętokrzyskie economic, multicultural, innovative and creative city. Kielce University of Technology is the leading scientific and educational institution in Świętokrzyskie region. KUT is a public university defined by support for the economic, social and cultural prosperity of communities. Development of the University is confirmed by research potential, didactics at the highest level, innovation and also cooperation with industry, technical universities and a research institutions. We are measured by the success of our students, staff and partners and committed to research, innovation and the dissemination of knowledge of public value. KUT has a culturally diverse campus life and vibrant international exchange study and research programs that prepare graduates for the workplaces of today and the future. Our campus is in the heart of Kielce City business district. Our purpose is to advance knowledge and learning through research-inspired teaching, research with impact and partnerships with industry, the professions and community.

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My name is Cemil, I am from Turkey, I am studying mechanical engineering at Kielce University of Technology. The Kielce University of Technology (KUT ) is a university that specializes in Technical, Engineering and Computer Science. The university has been recognized by some organizations and was given awards and recognition for its research done at the university. There are several Student organizations and departments that offer different facilities to students on campus. Great university for technical/engineering studies. Plenty of projects to give students practical experience and learn to work in groups (including multidisciplinary groups). Very international and many opportunities to do internship/thesis with companies. 

Cemil Günen (Turkey)

I appreciate my experience at the Kielce University of Technology.  95% of the time I felt we were thinking about the real world and how theory would apply to practice, as well as hands-on real scenario experience in the industry, working with real brands and real problems. The staff is nice and helpful.  Would highly recommend studying at KUT .The courseS are very practical and job ready. - great campus location and timetable for students working full time and attaining evening lectures. Great support at the University. 

Fuad Rahman Bangladesh

The academic staff is extremely supportive and happy to accomodate the varying needs of students . For example when unable to attend the program face to face due to various things some lecturers set up a livestream online session within the room which allowed participants to attend virtually and participate. The subjects  have been delivered by lecturers who have themselves industry experience.  The facilities and supportive tutors make the learning experience a fullfillment in every level. 

Mohammed Adam Nigeria

It was my immense luck and fortune to be a part of Kielce University of Technology where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leaves no stones unturned to shapes one's future.Practical course. Allows students to gain industrial experience throughout the degree, equipping them with hands on, real life experience. Gives them competitive advantage.A broad range of subjects and a quality campus and library facilities. I found the lecturers had relevant industry experience and were very supportive. Study at KUT is an excellent journey. The course relates between theory and practical experience. 

Suraj Kumar (India) Mechanical Engineering (2019-Present)