About IESE Business School

IESE Business School is the graduate business school of the University of Navarra ( ). At IESE, we are committed to developing business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve. We are truly global. With campuses spanning across the globe in Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Sao Paulo and Munich. Every campus is a unique learning environment where you will share experiences and build lifelong relationships with participants from diverse backgrounds. Since 1958, more than 50,000 executives internationally have experienced our integrative, people-centered and socially responsible approach to decision making in business and organizations. We see leadership as a never-ending learning journey. We curate differentiated programs that caters to outstanding individuals at different stages of their careers, offering Master in Management, Full Time MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA and Executive Education programs. Our portfolio of general management programs is guided by our world-class faculty adopting the state-of-the-art teaching methodologies that challenged graduates to stay relevant in the pace of change and emerge ready to make a positive impact on the world. Inherent in everything IESE does is a focus on people, our general management approach is a transformative journey towards personal and professional development of every individual partaking in the IESE experience.

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Global Alumni Testimonials

Global Alumni Testimonials

“The Young Talent Program has propelled my career forward by introducing me to a top-tier financial firm in NYC that hired me pre- MBA. The summer bootcamp gave me a chance to really see what MBA coursework is like and to meet the other similarly-minded students who have become lifelong friends. This really is the best way to do an MBA.” - Jean Paul Destarac (YTP 2017)

“When I accepted the offer for the MiM program at IESE, I expected a lot, as I would from any top business school. I had very high expectations of what the program would bring. Now that I have completed half of the program, I can say that the program has clearly exceeded my expectations.” – Emma Lots (MiM 2020)

“The CDC plays a crucial role in teaching us about the different career paths in different sectors. They expose us to companies from all sectors and connect us to IESE’s alumni network. This aided us significantly in our job search and in choosing a career path.” – Enrico Fausti (MiM 2020)

“IESE took me out of my comfort zone in every aspect – from bring surrounded by people who speak different languages, learning from an incredibly diverse set of peers, to learning how to sail. The experience is transformative – packed and designed to challenge you and guide your self-discovery. It was during the program that I realized what type of leader I want to be and the kind of impact I want to leave.” – Pia Tumbocon (MBA 2020)