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Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is an international research university in the Netherlands with more than 100 years of experience helping Bachelor, Master, and PhD students pursue their ambitions in the areas of wealth, health, governance, and culture. The university holds a consistent top 100 position in global rankings and is known for its modern, lively campus of 31,000; location in diverse and urban Rotterdam; and its great value for high quality education that is a trademark of the Netherlands. At EUR, it is our mission to make a positive impact on society. Our students and researchers are putting science to work in addressing the challenges of the 21st century. We want people to live longer and healthier lives. We believe increased prosperity should be both inclusive and sustainable. And we think cities can flourish, even as populations change and grow. Will you join us in our mission?

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“I chose Erasmus University not only because it’s high in rankings but also because it’s so close to the port which is important for Supply Chain Management studies. I like that the study programme is challenging: if you want to learn new things, then it’s just what you’re looking for.” 

Fiorella, Ecuadorian, Supply Chain Management, 2020 

“My favourite thing about studying here is the really good quality of education combined with meeting amazing people and having a great time – I didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. What I love about Rotterdam is the friendliness of the locals, the modern infrastructure, and affordability compared to other big European cities.” 

David, British, Finance & Investments, 2020 

“It was important for me to come to a country where my personal safety wouldn’t be a constant concern. I appreciate the freedom to do and be whoever am I here in the Netherlands, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.” 

Shannon, Indian, Media, Culture & Society, 2020 

“I believe the unique academic approach here enabled me to critically examine existing policies and look beyond traditional methods to contextualize and implement policies on the ground. I choose Erasmus University because of the critical discourse and the diversity of the student population.” 

Sunjan, Indian, Development Studies, 2020 

“Rotterdam in an inspiration, a living laboratory where students can experience research and action united for a successful city.”  

Larissa, Brazilian/American, Development Studies, 2020