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Cracow University of Technology is one of the best technical universities in Poland. It is ranked in the following international rankings: Shanghai Ranking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 and 2020 – Mechanical Engineering (#301 – 400) QS World University Rankings 2021 QS World University Ranking (#801-1000) 2020 Emerging Europe and Central Asia University Rankings (#79) The Three University Missions Ranking 2019 (#1001 – 1100) UI GreenMetric World University Ranking 2018 (#572) U-Multirank Cracow University of Technology comprises 8 faculties: Architecture Chemical Engineering and Technology Civil Engineering Computer Science and Telecommunications Electrical and Computer Engineering Environmental and Power Engineering Materials Engineering and Physics Mechanical Engineering The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Architecture are accredited by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education. Moreover the Faculty of Architecture is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Europe. Cracow University of Technology was awarded the Logo Human Resources Excellence in Research by the European Commission. Our university cooperates with more than 160 international universities and institutes from 53 countries. We offer English-taught courses as well as bachelor and master programmes.

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I had a great time at Cracow University of Technology. I loved my supervisor's behaviour toward me as a foreign student which was full of respect and peace. I enjoyed learning science and respecting as a human. My colleagues were very friendly and helpful to me. As an individual student who could not speak Polish, I did not have any big problems with the Polish environment of the university. The PhD program offered by Cracow University of Technology increased the level of my knowledge successfully. 

Termeh Darvishzad, year 2018 

We are twin sisters from Iran and we came to Poland in 2013 to learn the Polish language and study at the Cracow University of Technology. We finished our bachelor in Chemical Technology with specializing in Chemistry and Technology of Cosmetics in the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and we started studying our master’s degree here. There are many reasons why we chose Cracow University of Technology, but among the most significant ones, are the great variety of fields of study, high quality of teaching techniques, modern laboratories, good ranking of Cracow University of Technology and the magnificent city of Cracow. 

Nazanin & Negin Jalili, year 2019 

I am Zhipeng Deng, an international student who has experienced two years of wonderful study in Krakow. I graduated from Tianjing University of Technology in China in June 2017 and I received my master’s degree from Cracow University of Technology.  

Living in a great city of Krakow was a great experience. Krakow is not as busy as some other metropolises. A leisurely stroll on the streets to feel the history and culture of Krakow gives a lot of pleasure. In the past two years I improved myself thanks to the dedicated professors of Cracow University of Technology and friendly locals. Welcome to Krakow and Cracow University of Technology! 

Zhipeng Deng, year 2019 

I came to Poland through a scholarship which was given to me by the Angolan government. I accepted this great challenge because I wanted so much to graduate in the area of mechanics to be able to make good contribution in terms of development of my country. It was not easy to finish the programme in Mechanics and machine design at Cracow University of Technology. One of the biggest difficulties was the Polish language but I never gave up. Thanks to God it was possible to realize this dream. Now I am ready to help in the development of my country. I recommend the studies at Cracow University of Technology. It is one of the best universities. After finishing academic training, you are well prepared to face the labour market. 

Daniel Andre Baptista, year 2019 

Studying at Cracow University of Technology (PK) was the best choice for me. I had a great time with proficient professors and international exchange students. In the PK Faculty of Architecture I could experience a new style of design which changed my life. Also, the city itself is so beautiful to live in. That is the reason why I expended my exchange program from one semester to one year. Professors and tutors were so kind and passionate to teach that I could learn more things compared to a short period. I strongly recommend you to study at Cracow University of Technology.  

Jaeha Kim exchange student from Hanyang University, year 2015